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Tips for Thanksgiving From Your Trainer

I only have one tip for you...


I have spent too many of my years stressing over what I ate, what I was wearing, and if I'd lose all my progress because of one meal. Here's the truth. You won't lose your progress. Nothing will happen if you just relax for the day and enjoy your friends and family. I'm also not going to give you tips to "get back on track".

Dude. This is your LIFE. There's no dress rehearsal. This. Is. It. FREAKIN LIVE IT! No one is going to pay attention to what workout you did, what you ate, or how much water you drank on Thanksgiving. Now, they *might* remember if you were a miserable human being because you restricted yourself from having any fun (just sayin'!).

This year is really tough, don't let the added pressure of feeling like you have to keep up with the Joneses add to your stress.

If you wanna run a Turkey Trot, go run! You don't need a scheduled 5k to run.

If you wanna get thirds, get thirds! You don't need permission to eat.

If you wanna drink a bottle of wine, drink it!

If you wanna stay sober, stay sober! You don't have to validate any of your choices to anyone, especially during the holidays.

I hope you enjoy your day!! Here's some picture of past Thanksgivings we've had. I didn't take as many pictures with my family in previous years and that's something I want to change moving forward.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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