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How to Stay Active During PCS Craziness

Okay, this title is kind of clickbait and I'm admitting it right here, right now. I don't have any magical tricks for you on how to stay active during PCS craziness. I want to help you give yourself a little grace during this time in your life. Rest assured, taking some time off from your workouts to focus on your family is OKAY!

If you find yourself stressing over missing workouts due to PCSing, it might be that you actually need the time off. It's okay to take a break. Here's the thing, your body only knows stress. It doesn't know the difference in stress between packing out your entire house and a workout. While working out can help you relieve stress, it also just might be too much for you.

Think of your body's ability to handle stress as a cup. Your cup is YOUR cup. It isn't the same size as anyone else's cup. Your cup might have more or less in it starting out. Imagine different pitchers pouring water into your cup. One of those pitchers is labeled PCS stress, another is Workouts, a third is Every Day Stress, etc. Your cup can only hold so much!

You're human and you have a limited amount of energy. It's totally okay to give yourself rest during a stressful time. Don't discount how mentally and physically hard moving is.

Here's some ways you can pinpoint if fitting in your workout is something your body can adequately handle with all of the additional stress in your life:

  1. Have you been getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night?

  2. Are you finding yourself short with others or just wanting to lay around during any off time you have?

  3. Are you finding your caffeine intake has increased to help you feel energized?

  4. Is your skin breaking out more than normal?

  5. Have your 💩's been off-schedule?

  6. Do you feel overwhelmed not only with moving, but with simple tasks around the home?

If you answered YES to more than half of these - chances are you're FEELING the stress right now. Instead of working out, maybe try:

  • 10 minutes of journaling

  • 20 minute walk outside

  • Watching videos of cute animals

  • 10 minutes of stretching while watching your favorite show

A huge part of a fitness journey is learning to the cues your body tells you and honoring them. Your workouts will always be there. It's okay to rest.




DISCLAIMER: Kellie McKinnon is a Certified Personal Trainer. She is not a doctor and this blog is not intended to diagnose or treat illness. It is for educational purposes only. If you're concerned about your health, please contact your doctor.

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