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Scheduling for Success

It's been a while since I've made a blog post and I'm excited to be back at it. Blogging is something I struggle to be consistent with, but as a trainer, I always preach consistency to my clients. So, here I am, attempting to be consistent!

What a cheesy blog title for this blog! However, the topi is important for the time of year. With summer ending and school ramping back up, even if you don't have children going back to school, life just seems to get busier. My philosophy as a trainer is to for your workouts to fit into my client's schedule and not the other way around. While this may seem like a no-brainer, many people entirely miss the "scheduling" part of this. Here are my tips on how to effectively schedule your workouts into your day.

1. Create a workout calendar and post it to your fridge at eye level.

My half marathon calendar. You can find this plan in my blog for free!

Your calendar doesn't have to be something fancy, it just needs to be functional. It can be printed, homemade, or just written on a regular calendar. Placing it on the fridge is the key component to this tip. The fridge is a place most people regularly visit in their home. Placing your calendar on your fridge at eye level means that you will see it every day. It makes it that much more satisfying to complete your workout and check it off!

2. Add it to your phone calendar and turn the alert on.

Maybe you aren't a paper/pen type person. Schedule it into your phone or whatever virtual calendar you use. Treat your workout as any other appointment you have scheduled. Set an alert to be reminded of the event, so you can never use losing track of time as a reason to skip your workout!

3. Create an alarm on your phone for the days/time you'd like to workout.

Similarly to creating an event on your calendar, just set an alarm. You can even choose which days of the week to set the alarm for and write yourself motivational messages with the alarm.

4. Write it in your planner in pen.

If you prefer physical planners, write it in pen. Again, we're going back to the mindset that this is an appointment you have with yourself. You should treat it as one. Writing it in pen helps solidify that you are going to do your workout that day! You can't erase something that's been penned in.

5. Join a workout studio or work with a trainer that have an app with a built-in calendar.

Most studios and trainers nowadays use apps that have your workouts scheduled. Take advantage of it!

Hopefully you find these useful. Treating your workout as an appointment and scheduling it into your day ahead of time can help set you up for success. Try it for a week and see what happens.

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