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Right In Front of My Nose

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Wow, my first blog post! A little warning, although I am professional, I'm also not in the least! I think that it's important for myself and my clients to feel comfortable with one another. These posts will never be run-of-the-mill, textbook blog posts about fitness, because that would just be me putting up a false front. We must break through the walls we've spent years building around ourselves in order to progress. Picture me slinging a sledgehammer right now. I've trained enough to do that, right?!

I figured I'd start off my blog with my own fitness and professional journey. I was never really all that into sports growing up, except for one, gymnastics. If I'm honest, I wasn't very good. True to my enneagram 7 self, I enjoyed it more for the social aspect than the actual sport itself. It makes sense, though. My teammates and I had been practicing and competing together since we were in elementary school. That's how it went in our small town. I'm still friends with most of them today!

Enjoy this throwback gymnastics picture LOL

One of the best parts of being a part of my town's gymnastics program, though, was that not only did I get to practice and compete myself, but I also got to teach the younger gymnasts! Starting at age ten, I would volunteer Saturday mornings to work with the preschool-aged children, until eventually, I got to high school and it became a paying gig.

The program that I fell in love with ended up dissolving a few years after our coach moved out of state. When I was a junior at Virginia Tech, I decided I wanted to start it up again. Orange County Saturday Gymnastics Program was born! It became the most successful Parks and Recreation program within the first year it started.

Everyone in town doubted me. Even the Parks & Rec Director at the time told me that if I couldn't pay my employees, we'd have to shut it down. I made a business plan, put up flyers, and told everyone I knew that we were starting up again. I walked out that first Saturday with almost $900 in my pocket. I had made more than enough to pay my employees for the entire summer session.

It's funny writing that and looking back, because I should have known all along that combining exercise with teaching was going to be where I ended up when I "grew up". Although, it wasn't a linear journey for me.

I didn't realize then that my experience with the Saturday Morning Gymnastics Program would end up shaping me as a business owner. The program was able to sustain itself for a few years after I moved away, but it ultimately ended again. I'd do it all over in a heartbeat. Except, I'd have done it on my own (Sorry, Parks & Rec!). It was one of those things at the time where it was "too big" for me to take on. Only "other people" could do that, not me. That is a flat-out lie.

None of us were placed on this earth to be mediocre. Unless, you're okay with being mediocre, which I am not and I'm sure you aren't either. That's why you're reading a blog by a personal trainer in the first place. In some way or another, you feel that fire to be better. Being able to look back on past experiences, learn from them, and implement what you've learned will transform you as a person in all aspects of life.

My senior year in college, I think I kept thinking that calling would come to me. I would just know. I got accepted to law school in New York City, but that wasn't it. I went back to school, got a second degree, and became an elementary teacher, but that wasn't it. I just kept thinking, "how do you know what you're doing is truly what you're destined to do for the rest of your life?"

My brother and I at my college graduation in 2012!

Fast forward a few years as an elementary teacher and enter me marrying my husband, an active duty Marine. Becoming a military spouse is a hard transition and I think most of my clients understand these struggles.

Huxley, our hound mix, met us at the alter on his own accord after we exchanged our vows.

Keeping a career in which I had to keep applying for different licenses and start over every single year just wasn't in the cards for me. I needed something that was my own, so I left teaching.

When I first left teaching, I worked with another fitness company, that provides at-home workouts and supplements. I always loved working out and being active, so it just seemed to fit into my life at the time. I will say, the company I worked for put a huge emphasis on personal development. Personal development forced me to dive deep into who I was and what I was capable of achieving. Because of this, I decided to further my education in the fitness industry and start my own business. I realized that I was made for more. I wanted to truly own my own business and blaze my own path as an entrepreneur. So the story goes and my second business venture was born, KM Fitness.

If I can positively impact another human's life, that's my passion. That's what being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor allows me to do! At the end of the day, it's not about weight loss or jean size. It's about you realizing through those hard workout sessions, pushing yourself past physical limitations that you think you have, destroying the negative self-narrative you've told yourself for years, and throwing your excuses in the trash that you can do hard shit! You can do what you never dreamed you could.

A few of you lovely people that I call clients!

Remain dedicated to your dreams. Thanks for reading!

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