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Home Workout Equipment: Amazon Edition

Round 2 of my Home Workout Equipment series is filled with my Amazon finds!

When writing this, I kept my Oki friends in mind. There's much more on amazon - weights, kettlebells, etc - but I wanted to pick items that were easy to ship to an FPO.

Set of 5 $13.95 (on sale right now though for 7.95!)

I am OBSESSED with these loops. Some people call them tubes, but I call them bands or loops! No matter what you call them, they are extremely versatile. You can use them around your ankles and thighs for leg day or in place of a dumbbell for arms. The different colors are different amounts of resistance. I like these thin bands better than the thick ones you see all over instagram. I've found that the thick ones don't have much range of motion and these you can do much more with. They do tend to get little tears after a while, but they're still worth it! 

$49.99 (on sale right now for 35.99!)

Honestly, with this set you have more than everything you need! There's even a door anchor. Essentially any exercise you'd use dumbbells for, you can substitute resistance bands. There is a learning curve - figuring out which way to best hold them, wrap them about your feet, if you want to use the door anchor, etc - but once you figure it out, your workouts will flow seamlessly again.



This set of resistance bands comes with a bar and I LOVE that!


I wrote about cones when I found them at the Kadena BX, so naturally, I added some from amazon! This one includes a ladder and cards with agility drills on them. That completely takes the guess work out of what to do! Let's be real, cardio at home can be hard and not everyone likes to run outside especially in this heat. An agility ladder and cones are a quick and fun way to get your heart pumping. Pick some drills, set a timer & go!



If you're a client of mine, you already know how much I love stability work! Joint and stability is the foundation of building your strength. It's like the 3 little pigs. Would you rather build a house of straw or brick!?


I know this is a splurge, BUT if you're looking for a killer workout, the TRX will blow your mind. These are also lightweight and easily moveable, which is perfect for those of us who move around all the time. There are tons of videos and charts online to help you create a workout with these!


This is essentially the same as the TRX above, but much cheaper!


The jump rope is an obvious choice, but let's talk about the sliders! There's so much to do with them. At first thought, supplementing leg day with sliders comes to mind. However, you can also add them in when you do core work and upper body! I also really like that these sliders are double sided, so you can use them on different surfaces.

There's lots more out there on amazon, but make sure to read the views! One thing I like to do is see how many reviews an items has. If there's hundreds of reviews and still 4 stars, then it must be decent!

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