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Ditching diet culture to build a strong base and propel you to your full potential.

KM BASE: Welcome

KM Base: Ditching diet culture to build a strong base to grow into your full potential.

Eight weeks of workouts focusing on identifying the impacts of diet culture in your life, creating sustainable healthy habits, strengthening the mind to muscle connection, and building muscular strength that will last you after the program ends.


Unfortunately, I am not accepting new clients at this time.

I will be accepting new clients in August. Please feel free to check out the program and sign-up for my bi-weekly email list in the meantime!


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What to Expect

KM BASE is an 8-week training program developed using the National Academy of Sports Medicine's Optimal Performance Training Model. By combining flexibility, core, resistance, strength training and focusing on habit building, the program's focus is to lay the groundwork for your future fitness journey. Hence the name KM BASE!

As a trainer, I hope to not only help program your workouts, but educate and guide you along the way. All of the exercises are provided directly to you through an app that's compatible with iPhone and Android phones!

**Meal plans featured in the video are NOT included.

KM BASE: About


Monday: Quads & Glutes

Tuesday: Cardio and Bis, Tris, & Shoulders

Wednesday: Mobility or Cardio

Thursday: Cardio and Hamstrings & Glutes (or Calves)

Friday: Back & Chest

Sunday: Yoga

The best part -- the program is designed to be compatible at the gym OR at home! As long as you have a set of dumbbells, you can workout at home!

Additionally, these are written in pencil. We will work together to make the program work with your schedule!

KM BASE: About
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Become a Part of the KM Community!

You also gain access to a community group message within the app, where you will connect with others completing a KM program, daily posts from your trainer, and weekly check-ins.

On top of the workouts, you'll receive:

  • the KM app to track your workouts, movement and more

  • group message with like-minded individuals on the app

  • weekly check-ins from Kellie

  • supportive and encouraging community without the pressure to "get results" 

  • habits coaching with Kellie

  • monthly virtual book club focusing on body neutrality, strength, and personal growth

The goal is to take the science and make it fun in real life! The hope is that these workouts are easy-to-follow and enjoyable to complete. Although you're doing them alone, I'm right there with you cheering you on (via our group message!).

KM BASE: About
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