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Apple Music Playlists

I realized the other day I have TONS of workout playlists in my Apple Music Library. I think that a good playlist makes the workout, especially when we're all stuck at home lately! Blast whatever gets you going! Like, I am 100% NOT that bitch, but somehow Lizzo can make me believe I can do anything 😜

This blog post will be a place where you can find my playlists! I will add to it as I create new playlists. You'll notice some are named by the day of the week or a workout title and that's just because these are what I use for my group workouts. Most even include a cooldown song at the end. Hope you love them as much as I do!

Mariah Carey

Britney vs. Xtina

Shakira & J. Lo

Cardio Core



It's Britney Bitch

Ariana Jams

Throwback EMOM

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