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Home Workout Equipment: Kadena BX Edition

Finding workout equipment on island is hard to say the least. Add in being restricted to base and it seems almost impossible, unless you want to brave the Kadena BX on a pay weekend. Somehow the "good stuff" always seems to be laid out then. We all know that weekend AND pay day crowds are reminiscent of Black Friday. So, I went snooping at Walmart, oops, wait, I meant the Kadena BX, to find some hidden gems that you can snag while avoiding the madness.

Resistance Tubes

SKLZ Mini Bands $17.95

You can do so much with resistance tubes! Not only do they make your leg workout spicier, you can also use them for tons of upper body exercises.

Stability Ball

BeFit Medicine Ball $12.99 or SKLZ Trainer Ball $29.95

A stability ball is a great way to upgrade your home workouts. Just sitting here typing this out, I can think of 10 different ways you can use it! Actually, I'm sitting on one now as my desk "chair".

The difference in these balls is simply the size. The BeFit is smaller, but should still get the job done. If you're taller, I would recommend the SKLZ.

Pull-Up Bar

Perfect Pull-Up $19.99

Okay, don't let this intimidate you! As women we tend to leave the pull-ups to the men, but I'm here to tell you, that's for the birds. You are just as strong and capable as your male counterpart. Own that shit!

Besides, there are so many uses to a pull-up bar. The fact that you are hanging alone adds in a layer of extra stability and core work.

Here's another tip: assisted pull-ups! You can use a chair to help or order a band from amazon, like this one.


Franklin Training Cones $3.99

Hello, sports, agility, and quickness training aka the perfect way to step up your cardio game. We're taking it back to your days playing sports with these!

SAQ training enhances your ability to accelerate, decelerate, and dynamically stabile your entire body. What's that mean?! It's a great way to not only get in some cardio, but also helps with your overall coordination and movement proficiency. It's also fun, which means you're more likely to stick with it. Adherence means you see long-term benefits. These are also under $5. Even better!

Set the cones up, come up with a few drills, set a timer and go!

My main goal in sharing these is to encourage you to be active and get creative with your workouts. Having a healthy outlet during such uncertain times is so important.

Stay tuned for some future blog posts involving these as well as a Foster PX and Amazon edition!

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