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Enrollment OPEN for all KM Programs! 

Learn About KM BASE

This 8-week gym or home training program's focus is to lay the groundwork for your future fitness journey. Hence the name KM BASE!



Tried and tested by your trainer to help you go the distance!

KM RUNNING: A holistic approach to running that helps you go the distance, with your body and mind's best interest at its core.

Ten weeks of workouts focusing on running, proper fueling, strength training, mindset and stretching. At the end of the ten weeks, we will virtually run our races together!



Have a workout program you already love, but want a supportive community that focuses on your health and not diet culture? This is for you! Habits coaching, a virtual Book Club, and more included!


Client Testimonials


Kellie is an AMAZING trainer - not only does she care about your physical fitness goals and helping you get here, she's also such an advocator for your overall health and wellbeing. Kellie is extremely knowledgable and uses science based methods in creating her workout plans and programs - while also bringing her fun and positive energy to your training. I've completed multiple of Kellie's programs and each one has challenged my body in new ways, which keeps me excited to continue training and pushing myself further. Her programs are so easy to use and follow along with, it's like she's right next to me cheering me on while I'm working out! Simply put, Kellie is the best!



The Face Behind KM Fitness

Hi! I'm Kellie McKinnon. As the owner of KM Fitness, my main priorities are making fitness fun, building community, improving your relationship with exercise, and creating sustainable habits. I'm a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, former gymnastics coach, endurance runner, fitness enthusiast, and have experience in Perinatal Fitness.

My philosophy is motivation is fleeting. Learning to dedicate yourself to your health, find joy in the process, and respecting your body is the key to fitness longevity. 

My goal for my online clients to create a VIP experience, where you feel like I'm right there with you working out, even though I'm not!