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Workouts Designed Just For You

Whether you're just starting out or an avid gym-goer, this plan is for you! You will work directly with Kellie, who will asses your fitness level and baseline to create a workout program that's perfect for you. Programs are designed based off of the National Academy of Science's Optimum Performance Training Model.

Personalized Workout Plans: About

Access Everything on Your Phone!

  • Workouts available for at-home or the gym.

  • Track and see your progress as often as you'd like!

  • In-app instructional videos, circuit timers, and more to help guide you through your workout.

  • In-app messaging to quickly ask your trainer questions you may have!

  • In-app monthly accountability group to fuel your inner competitor.

  • Training phases change monthly and based off of your goals, so you never get bored!

**Nutrition plans as seen on the app are not available.

Personalized Workout Plans: About