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KM Fitmas: About Me

All I want for Christmas is for diet culture to not exist and also... KM Fitmas!

KM Fitmas: The workout program you've waited all of 2022 for.

Four weeks of workouts with workouts for the entire month of December. Don't worry, you know me. We've got active rest days in there that we count as workouts!

Your first week of workouts start on December 1st!

KM Fitmas: Text

What to Expect

Give yourself the gift of movement every single day in December! Don't worry - some of these are active recovery days. I wouldn't have you working out hard every single day. That's not sustainable or healthy!

KM Fitmas is a training program that will run from December 1 - 31st with workouts every single day. By combining flexibility, core, resistance, cardiovascular training and focusing on stabilization endurance, the program's main focus is to help you end the year strong! The goal is to make fitness a habit so you go into 2023 with a good routine established.

As a trainer, I hope to not only help program your workouts, but educate and guide you along the way. All of the exercises are provided directly to you through an app that's compatible with iPhone and Android phones!

You will gain app access as soon as you purchase the program, with prep starting on November 27th and your first week of workouts beginning on December 1st! 

**Meal plans featured in the video are NOT included.

KM Fitmas: About


Monday: Quads & Glutes

Tuesday: Bis, Tris, & Shoulders

Wednesday: Walk/Cardio of Your Choice

Thursday: Hamstrings & Glutes (or Calves)

Friday: Back & Chest

Saturday: Walk/Cardio of Your Choice

Sunday: Yoga

The best part -- the program is designed to be compatible at the gym OR at home! As long as you have a set of dumbbells, you can make it work!

This program is written in pencil, meaning we will work together to make it fit your schedule!

KM Fitmas: About

Become a Part of the KM Community!

You also gain access to a community group message within the app, where you will connect with others completing the program and check-in for daily inspiration.

The goal is to take the science and make it fun in real life! The hope is that these workouts are easy-to-follow and enjoyable to complete. Although you're doing them alone, I'm right there with you cheering you on (via our group message!).

KM Fitmas: About


That's less than $15 per week! 

This program can be completed at home or at the gym. Dumbbells required.

KM Fitmas: Text

Give yourself the gift of KM Fitmas! Tis the season.

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